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LED Signs
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Braithwaite LED Signs

Back in the early days, neon signs were a staple to many businesses because it was eye-catching and helped businesses stand out from their competition. But, it was very costly to make, use, and maintain, which is why many opted to pick alternatives to try matching its benefits. One of the most popular alternatives to neon signs are LED signs.

custom lighted storefront sign

LED signs use LED lights which can mimic any type of lighting without the extra cost attached to them. This means that you can run these signs without worrying about using a lot of electricity and constantly having to replace the signs when they malfunction. You will also be able to get a traditional lighted sign for your business without spending too much.

If you need your very own Braithwaite LED signs, New Orleans Sign Company is ready to take on your sign request and deliver them perfectly to you. We can fully customize your LED signs to match your design preferences and branding and get them installed in areas that people will immediately see. We will also help you maintain these signs to prevent disruptions in your operations.

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Indoor LED Signs

backlit lobby sign

LED signs can also work as excellent indoor signs, specifically as wayfinding and identification signs. If installed correctly, they can show people certain areas of your facility like the entrance/exit areas, pickup areas, cashier, and others, reducing the need to ask the staff for assistance.

When customizing these LED signs, we can change their font style, lighting, and overall size to match your business needs. We can even add lighting animations to make it more eye-catching.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Braithwaite LED Signs custom lighted led pole pylon sign 300x225

Do you want an LED sign that you can customize at any time and display more information? New Orleans Sign Company can make custom programmable LED message centers that can either be installed as a standalone sign or a part of your existing storefront, pole, or monument signs.

For these Braithwaite LED signs, we can customize their size, shape, and display type. We will also teach you how to modify the message centers and plan which content will appear throughout the day. When people see your new message centers, it will not only catch their attention but also leave the impression that you are a professional brand.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

At New Orleans Sign Company, we make Braithwaite LED signs that are tailored to each client who reaches out to us. In order for us to custom-make each sign, we take our time to get to know each client and their business, while also utilizing our experience and know-how to develop the best design for your sign request.

lighted sign repair and installWe will handle the request from start to finish to show customers that the signs you request match your specifications and work as you intended. You don’t need to worry about getting another company to get the installation and maintenance done for these signs because we have the teams ready to handle these steps.

We guarantee that you will get quality signs when you request them from us whenever you need them. We can also help you pair your LED signs with other types of business signs so you can deliver cohesive messaging to your clients. Simply let us know what you need for your signs, and we guarantee we’ll deliver what you need.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Braithwaite LED Signs thunderbolt logo 1 300x107LED signs can change the way you promote your business and make your store visible at night and during harsh weather conditions. For your custom LED signs, our Braithwaite, LA sign company has an experienced team, industry-grade sign materials, and the latest sign manufacturing equipment ready to deliver. Whatever your design requirements and budget may be, we guarantee your investment is well-spent with us as your sign provider.

Call New Orleans Sign Company at (225) 396-3781 for your Free Consultation with a Braithwaite LED Sign expert!