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Channel Letters
Design, Production and Installation


Boutte Channel Letters

Are you looking for a business sign that will make a huge impact on your business without taking a lot of space on your storefront or in areas where you need one installed? Channel letters are the signs you are looking for.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Both channel and dimensional letters are known for being flexible in terms of how they can be designed and tailored specifically to the client’s preferences. Whether they want it to act as a storefront sign or a part of their indoor displays, these signs can definitely help your brand stand out while still giving off a professional aura for the brand.

If you need tailored Boutte channel letters to your business, contact New Orleans Sign Company today. Our Boutte, LA sign company is highly rated for delivering high-quality business signs that are personalized for the brand’s use and getting it done within the client’s target date and budget. We will guide you through all the options and every step we take for your signs, so you know what your signs will look like when we install them for you.

Call New Orleans Sign Company at (225) 396-3781 for your Free Consultation with a Boutte Channel Letter expert!

Storefront Channel Letters

Out of all the Boutte channel letters we can customize at New Orleans Sign Company, the highly requested type are storefront channel letters.

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letters are 3D signs that are made by forming sign elements from metal such as letters, numbers, symbols, and images. These elements can then be installed directly on the storefront wall or on a backing frame. The front part of these channel letters is covered with durable acrylic in various opacities and colors to fit the overall design the user wants to show to their target audience.

When you reach out to us at New Orleans Sign Company, we can form these channel letters to display your business name, slogan, or a unique take on your logo. We can customize these letters in any color, shape, size, font, and style you want, giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you can design these signs. Each channel letter is hand-formed to achieve the right shape for your channel element.

Storefront channel letters, or channel letters in general, are a staple for retail shops, grocery stores, shopping centers, malls, schools, churches, and government facilities.

Dimensional Letters

If you want a striking sign that definitely blends well in your storefront, you will not go wrong with dimensional letters.

Storefront SignAlthough both channel and dimensional letters consist of individually crafted elements, they differ in terms of how they look and get illuminated. Channel letters have empty “channels” in each piece to allow illumination; however, for dimensional letters, the letters are cut from solid sheets – like metal, acrylic, and other similar materials – and the illumination is added as a backlight.

When customizing dimensional letters, you can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and fonts. We can also customize the material’s thickness to control how 3D the sign will look even from a distance. We can also adjust the opacity of the dimensions to highlight the message better.

Dimensional letters are best for restaurants, offices, malls, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and as an option for indoor or lobby signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Channel and dimensional letters can definitely pop if you add LED backlighting or illumination to them. These features will help the sign become visible at night or during poor weather, allowing customers to know you are open for business and become familiar with your brand.

Lighted SignWhen we receive your request, we will handle the entire project in-house with our talented team taking the reins and utilizing the latest equipment and high-quality materials to make the requested signs perfectly.

We recommend getting a backlit or illuminated Boutte channel or dimensional letters from our team if you have night hours or if you want a sign that can be seen at any given time and weather.

Backlit and illuminated signs are recommended for bars, restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, coffee bars, convenience stores, and gas stations. It can also work well for businesses looking for signs that can help them stand out.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Boutte Channel Letters thunderbolt logo 1 300x107Even the simplest signs can positively impact a business if they are crafted right and installed in the best place where people will immediately see them. New Orleans Sign Company has an experienced team that can make your channel and dimensional letters stand out and reflect your brand.

We will show you how we can customize your channel or dimensional letters and how we can match it with your existing business signs. One of our sign experts is on standby to take your project and give you a reason to trust us with your sign project today.

Call New Orleans Sign Company at (225) 396-3781 for your Free Consultation with a Boutte Channel Letter expert!